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Stanozololum - 100tabs x 10mg
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Stanozololum (stanozolol) is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Despite this most users of the drug will find that its activity is quite mild compared to other compounds with similar chemical origins. Individuals that are looking for mass gains will likely be disappointed if using stanozolol for this purpose. It is widely considered a cutting compound. Due to the lack of water retention most users find that they can acheive a dry look to their physique as long as their body fat is relatively low. For the most part, the anabolic effects that are acheived via the use of this drug are a result of it's ability to increase protein synthesizing and nitrogen retention (2,4). However as stated previously these effects are mild at best.

Anecdotally a majority of users will report that their joints and ligaments have a dry feeling when using stanozolol, complaining often of ligament pain when lifting heavy. This would seemingly make the drug a poor choice for athletes other than bodybuilders who are trying to acheive a specific "look", but there is some scientific evidence that suggests that stanozolol could in fact strengthen tendons and ligaments. However, with the vast majority of users reporting ligament and joint pain while on the compound it is difficult to recommend any attempt to administer the drug if peak performance is desired for athletic competition.

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