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Primo Acetatum - 100tabs x 10mg
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Primo Acetatum (Methenolone acetate) is generally used by those athletes who wish to keep androgenic and estrogen related side effects to a minimum level. Primo Acetatum is very popular choice for cutting cycles because of its mild anabolic properties which are probably best suited for sustaining muscle mass under hard pre-content dieting. Excessive fluids will also not be a problem due to Primobolan is a non-aromatising anabolic steroid. Primo Acetatum also may be added to bulking cycles to increase the anabolic nature of the steroid cycle while minimizing adding to the overall androgenic and estrogen side effects.

The main benefit of Primo Acetatum is that methenolone does not convert to estrogen. That is why estrogen related side effects as fat storage, water retention, high blood pressure and other are absent using this steroid. Sensitive athletes should not worry about developing gynecomastia. So, no anti-estrogen have to be used together with Primobolan. It is one of the most safe and effective for women due to its smooth steroid and virilization-free effect. Fat burning, reparation and preservation of muscle tissue are also very great features of this anabolic steroid. And last but not least, the weight gained with Primobolan is going to stay for a long time. The weekly dosage of 100-200 mg of Primobolan does not affect to natural testosterone production. This is very welcome as users may not feel hormonal crash after the steroid using is discontinued. At higher doses athletes must not forget about Post Cycle Therapy, as all steroids without exception suppress natural testosterone production

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