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Oxandrolonum - 100tabs x 10mg
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Anavar is one of the most favourite steroids when it comes to a cutting cycle. This steroid is extremely mild, has almost no side effects and is known to promote huge strength gains with little weight gain. It is the most popular steroid used by females as it has so little side effects. This sounds like the perfect steroid, it makes you extremely strong, builds lean muscle, little to zero side effects, but of course there is a downside, the price. Anavar is one of the most expensive steroids around. And for decent results it needs to be dosed quite high and this makes the high cost even worse.


Anavar was first created for AIDS patients to help with muscle wasting and its also used in the recovery process for burn victims. This steroid is still however an oral steroid which makes it quite harsh on the liver, so usage should not exceed 6 weeks and a liver supplement such as milk thistle is advised.

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